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Zthluyc Hand Broom Brush Dust Cleaning: Hand Brush, Dusting Brush, Couch Brush, Soft Brush Cleaning, Dust Broom, Handheld Broom, Bed Brush, Hand Brush for Cleaning The Bed, Sofa, Fireplace, car, etc.


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Multi-functional fireplace brush
This is not an ordinary hand broom, but a versatile and lightweight horse hair broom, suitable for cleaning beds, fireplaces, counters, furniture, woodwork, cabinets, car dust, small crevices, etc.
The high-quality hand held broom.

The hand broom brush is made of natural chicken wing wood, and the handle of the hand brush is not only strong and durable but also very lightweight. The horse hair brush has four rows of dense soft bristles that are thin and flexible, allowing the horsehair broom to keep the surface without causing any damage while effectively removing dust and dirt.

For cleaning enthusiasts who care about home cleaning and space-saving.

The small hole design at the end of the counter brush handle is a very thoughtful storage solution. The foxtail brushes can be easily hung on the wall for easy use without taking up extra space.

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[Multi-functional]: A hand broom is a very worthwhile cleaning tool. Whether it is furniture dusting, car interior cleaning, woodworking equipment cleaning, or even in small spaces and gaps, the fireplace brush can be easily handled, providing great convenience and flexibility.[Quality handle]:A hand held broom is made of Crafted with natural chicken wings wood, the handle of a hand brush is not only sturdy and serviceable but also incredibly lightweight. This makes the long-term use of a bench brush will not feel tiring, and the hand broom brush makes the cleaning work easier.[Soft bristles]: A bench brush shop brush has four rows dense of soft hair, These bristles are gentle and flexible, allowing the horse hair broom to effectively remove dust and dirt without causing any damage to the surfaces being cleaned.[Easy to store]: The small hole design at the end of the handle of the counter brush can easily hang the hand broom on the wall, which is convenient to use and does not take up excess space.