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XSTANCE Insoles for Shoes and Work Boots | Plantar Fasciitis Relief & Arch Support | Orthotic Inserts for Men & Women | Relieve Foot Pain | Anti-Fatigue Good for 200+ lbs (10.5-12 Men / 11.5-13 Women)


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L (10.5-12 Men / 11.5-13 Women)





WALK AND STAND WITH ALL DAY COMFORT – Designed to provide all-day comfort, no matter what type of shoe you’re wearing. Podiatrists recommend these shoe inserts to support the arch, flat feet, pronation, and common pain points such as the back, ankle, knee, and more. The durable construction ensures they’ll last for monthsPLANTAR FASCIITIS INSOLES FOR FLAT FEET AND BACK PAIN – Specially designed for plantar fasciitis relief, the insoles alleviate pain and discomfort associated with metatarsalgia, flat feet, and back pain. With a contoured heel cup that helps to stabilize the heel and reduce fatigue, arch support to promote natural alignment and balance, and a cushioned forefoot for extra support and comfortAFFORDABLE AND LONG-LASTING – Theses insoles are a cost-effective solution for foot pain. Unlike others that wear out quickly and need to be replaced often, Our insoles can last up to 24 months. Save money for other things and invest in a product that will last you for a long timeGREAT CHOICE FOR HARDWORKING FEET – For those who work on their feet all day, whether it’s a teacher standing in front of a classroom, a nurse working long shifts, or a construction worker on a job site. Our insoles provide superior cushioning and support to alleviate pain caused by standing or walking for long periods