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Travel Cigar Humidor Box Case Double layer design with Cigar Accessories Hygrometer&Spanish Cedar &Humidifier &Cigar Cutter & Cigar Stand &Cigar Punch CutterHold 8-10 Cigar Waterproof Case, Crushproof


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Excellent storage space:The double-layer design can better protect each layer of cigars and prevent the cigars from being damaged due to mutual extrusion of the two layers of cigars,Separate accessory storage space can make it easier to organize the cigar box, and accessories will not move around in the cigar box due to the movement of the cigar boxWith rich and beautiful accessories:A stainless steel cigar cutter, a stainless steel cigar holder, and a mobile cigar puncher are very suitable for travel. The travel cigar box is equipped with Spanish cedar paper, which can purify your cigar and make it more fragrantPROTECT YOUR CIGAR:Protect your cigar – anti extrusion, waterproof, sealed ABS plastic design, (the shell can float in the water) two solid locks, the best protection against lifting. The built-in two-layer independent cigar storage space and independent accessory storage space can completely protect your cigars and other cigar accessories.Best travel cigar box cigars: Our travel cigar box can store up to 10 cigars. Cigar boxes are ideal for commuting, weekend vacations, golf outings, longer vacations, travel to dry or wet places, boating, camping, fishing. Best cigars for men