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Therabody PowerDot 2.0 Uno, Stim TENS Unit for Pain Relief, Bluetooth Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device, 1 Smart Wireless NMES & TENS Pod for Muscle Pain, Period Cramp and Pain Relief, Red


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The PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulator is the world’s smartest muscle performance & recovery tool. An electric muscle stimulator and TENS unit unlike any other. Target specific muscle groups to speed up muscle recovery, improve muscle strength & endurance, and relieve pain with our Smart TENS app feature. The free PowerDot companion app walks you through 15+ preset muscle performance and recovery programs designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and prevent injury.

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Advanced Muscle Stimulation Recovery Device For Pain Relief: PowerDot 2.0 Uno is a sleek lightweight electric muscle stimulator TENS unit for pain relief and designed to reduce athlete’s recovery time, increase muscle performance, and relieve pain.Tailor Treatment to You: Build unique electric muscle stimulation treatment programs based on your activity, recently completed workouts, areas where you’re experiencing the most pain, or pain type. A customized experience controlled by our app.Period Pain Relief: The PowerDot is not only perfect for muscle pain but also for period cramps and pain. Utilize PowerDot’s pain relieving technology for more comfortability through the day.What’s Included: 1 PowerDot pod, 1 Set of Electrode Pads (2 rectangular, 4 round), Set of Lead Cables (10cm and 30cm), Micro-USB Charging Cable, and Protective Carrying Case.