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TB12 Electrolyte Supplement Powder for Fast Hydration by Tom Brady – Natural, Easy to Mix Powder. Low Sugar, Low Calorie, Vegan. Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Zinc. (Green Tea Lemon Flavor)


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There’s being thirsty and then there’s being dehydrated. And now there’s a simple way to quench both quickly: TB12 Electrolytes. They’re fast, easy, and versatile, boasting essential minerals to help you stay active and hydrated. Because your water should perform as well as you do. Fast hydration, sugar & calorie-Free, and easy-to-mix liquid concentrate. We lose many of our body’s natural minerals throughout the day, so it’s essential to replenish them. TB12 Electrolytes amplify hydration by helping you fully absorb the water you drink, especially when you’re working out. Tom Brady didn’t win 7 Super Bowls dehydrated. Electrolytes support everything from muscle function to regulating fluid balance to immune function and cell growth. While most sports drinks are loaded with sugar, our Electrolytes are loaded with essential minerals like sodium, magnesium, and potassium that your body loses through sweat. It’s no-brainer hydration.

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