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Stevita Organic Stevia – 16 oz – Stevia & Erythritol All-Natural Sweetener, No Calories – USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free – 908 Servings


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The sweet tasting crystals produced by the stevia plant are called “steviol glycosides” These substances are (1) stevioside, (2) rebaudioside A, (3) rebaudioside C and (4) dulcoside A,(5) Rubusoside,(6) Steviolbioside and (7)Ribaudioside B. The natural ratio produced by the leaves, in traditional stevia plants, is 60% stevioside, 30% rebaudioside A and 10% for the remaining crystals. They all have a sweet taste, however, the the rebaudioside A and dulcoside have a more sugar-like taste, whereas the other crystals have taste that range from licorice to a honey-herbal taste. Stevita Spoonable has a greater percentage of rebaudiosides and dulcosides, therefore it has a very clean, and almost similar to fructose taste.. To make it possible to package the powder in small individual servings and to make it easier to measure for cooking purposes, the manufacturer adds in erythritol ,a bulking agent naturally extracted from fruits, vegetables and grains . Unlike other fillers in the market such as lactose, maltodextrine, F.O.S., etc, , erythritol has a very high digestive tolerance and practically zero calories.

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SUGAR-FREE SWEETENER – This smooth blend of organic stevia & erythritol is carefully crafted to taste like sugar with no bitter aftertaste. It has zero calories & is four times sweeter than sugar, helping you use less for an exceptional value.ALL NATURAL – Our stevia is 100% certified USDA organic, fair trade, non-GMO, gluten free, Kosher certified, vegan, paleo & keto friendly. Since it contains no artificial sweeteners, it is also safe for teeth.PACKAGED FOR FRESHNESS – Our economical, 16-ounce, air-tight jar makes it easy for you to measure stevia for recipes, coffee, tea & smoothies.SUSTAINABLY SOURCED – We source 100% of our stevia from the plant’s natural habitat in southwestern Brazil. There, a small cooperative of family farmers sustainably produce pure, great-tasting stevia.