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Speax by Thinx Hi-Waist Incontinence Underwear for Women, Washable Incontinence Underwear Women, Postpartum Underwear Feminine Care, Black, X-Large


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Made by the team behind Thinx period underwear, Speax by Thinx are absorbent underwear for bladder leak protection. Speax (formerly Icon undies) keep you fresh and dry with ultra-thin layers of moisture-wicking, absorbent, anti-odor technology. Our leak-resistant underwear traps wetness in an absorbent quick-drying inner lining, while a moisture barrier protects you and your clothes from feeling wet. Made from soft, breathable fabric in a range of chic styles, Speax are a more comfortable solution than itchy pantyliners or bulky pads. Unlike other incontinence products for women, Speax put your comfort first. They look and feel just like everyday underwear. Our protective panties hold up to 8 tsp of liquid, making Speax the perfect bladder leak solution for light to moderate bladder leaks. Speax by Thinx undies are also reusable and machine washable, making them a more eco-friendly and sustainable option than single-use disposables. Plus, no more last-minute trips to the drugstore or fishing around your bag for a spare pantyliner! Our absorbent underwear for women protects against leaks while feeling cute and comfy. (Our undies should be in your maternity hospital bag essentials!) Shop more of our products by clicking our logo.

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Our absorbent, quick-drying panties hold up to 8 tsp of liquid – a solution for light to moderate bladder leaks. The moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, and leak-resistant layers work together to keep you fresh and dry.Speax underwear are made with soft, breathable fabric in a variety of styles. Our leak protection panties are designed not to feel wet or bulky.Ditch pantyliners and postpartum diapers for good. Speax reusable incontinence underwear are better for you and kinder on the planet.Unlike pantyliners and other single-use disposables, Speax are reusable, saving you time and money. Just machine wash cold and tumble dry low.