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SOLE Active Medium Shoe Insoles – Men’s Size 11/Women’s Size 13


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SOLE ACTIVE MEDIUM FOOTBED INSOLES FOR MEN AND WOMEN WITH MET PAD (CORK). Trusted customizable comfort with a metatarsal pad designed to keep your foot in its natural resting position and relieve pressure in the ball of the foot. This footbed features SOLE’s trusted customizable support, the addition of Polygiene stays fresh technology, a moisture-wicking topsheet, medium volume Softec cushioning and an eco-friendly natural recycled wine cork base. With medium cushioning, these footbeds fit into most footwear, including running shoes and casual sneakers. DIMENSIONS: – Width – Forefoot (approx.); – Men’s 10 – 98mm; – Women’s 7 – 87mm; – Length – Heel to toe (approx.); – Men’s 10 – 290mm; – Women’s 7 – 245mm.

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Mens Size 11 / Womens Size 13


Men 11



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Men 11

CUSTOMIZED SUPPORTIVE INSOLES TO MINIMIZE PAIN – SOLE footbeds reduce strain and distribute pressure to offer relief from plantar fasciitis – heel pain – arch pain – ankle pain – knee pain – runner’s knee – hip pain – back pain – heel spurs – shin splints – flat feet – high arches – bunions and more common orthopedic ailments.PROMOTE NEUTRAL ALIGNMENT – SOLE Signature Shape promotes neutral alignment to help maximize efficient biomechanics for optimum movement and prevent pronation, supination and protect your joints to prevent pain and injury while promoting proper posture and aiding recovery from previous injuries and surgeries.EXCELLENT INSOLES FOR ALL ACTIVITIES – offers cushioning and structural support to improve performance and reduce fatigue in running – hiking – basketball – tennis – mountain biking – walking shoes – work boots – working on your feet – standing long hours – pickleball – skate. Medium thickness fits in a wide range of regular-fitting footwear.CUSTOM SUPPORT SUITABLE FOR ANY ARCH HEIGHT – custom heat moldable meaning you can get custom support for your unique feet – we recommend people with low arches and flat feet heat mold their insoles in the oven at home following simple heat molding instructions for best results – people with high arches will enjoy the support straight out of the box