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Sanki Global Belage Dietary Supplements Powder with Postbiotics, Improves Sports Performance and Energy, Natural Flavored and Gluten Free, Net Weight 2.86 oz. 27 Stick Packs (Lemon Lime)


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With Japanese technology, Belage is a daily supplement that has multiple benefits such as: helping liver detoxification, providing antioxidant benefits, protecting functional ones, increases energy production naturally within the body and modulates the intestinal microbiota. BelAge’s antioxidant action is effective thanks to its formula made with natural ingredients and ADS technology, which ensures a controlled release time of the ingredients based on the required specification, working slowly or quickly. It also allows you to control the release of ingredients at specific sites in the body. Each dose of BelAge provides your body with trillions of nanoparticles of beneficial antioxidants for your body. BelAge improves the quality of life. BelAge uses Orisod Enzyme V to guarantee a product that is the result of advances in technological research and the power of antioxidants found in nature. Belage provides the body with an increase in energy in a natural way that helps the daily performance.

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27 Servings (Pack of 1)





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ORISOD ENZYME V: The enzyme is the active ingredient with high bioavailability that maintain healthy, provided with more than 15 years of research in Fermentation TechnologiesCONTROLLED RELEASE SYSTEM: This ensures a flow of ingredients based on the required selection Fast or Slow Release, it is compound made with extracts of rosemary and oliveIMPROVE YOUR LIFESTYLE: Belage provides your body nanoparticles that allow to eliminate the excesses of reactive oxygen and nitrogen speciesREACTIVATES NATURAL ANTIOXIDANTS: In the body, by balancing excess free radicals within the cell, this action also increases hydration at cellular level