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Pure Nootropics Uridine Monophosphate 250mg – Improve Memory, Mood, & Boost Mental Capacity – Increased Synapse Formation and CDP-Choline Levels – 90 Vegetarian Capsules


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Uridine supports overall brain function by being present in the processes which help build acetylcholine from its precursors.* Uridine Monophosphate from Pure Nootropics is held to the highest standards so you know you’re getting the best Uridine Monophosphate supplement money can buy.

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90 Count (Pack of 1)


Pure Nootropics

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COGNITIVE SUPPORT – Uridine supports overall brain function, otherwise known as cognition, by helping the body facilitate the building of an important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine.*ESSENTIAL CHOLINE – When you take in choline from food sources, it has to undergo many processes to get to the end result of acetylcholine. Uridine is a precursor to one of these steps.*CELLULAR HEALTH – Uridine is an important part of the making of cell membranes, which help to keep the cell walls strong.*INCREASED BIOAVAILABILITY – Here at Pure Nootropics we focus on providing the best and most practical mode of nootropic supplementation by focusing on formulas that are designed to increase the bioavailability of the specific ingredients and compounds compared to other leading brands.