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POWERTEC Compostable Bags, 3 Gallon (11.35 Liter), 100 Count, Extra Thick 0.71 Mil Kitchen Scrap Waste Bag, ASTM D6400 US BPI & European OK Compost Home Certified, Biodegradable Yard Waste Trash Bag


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Introducing the (3 Gallon) Compost Bags by POWERTEC.
Made From Plants – Made For You
These compostable trash bags are designed to help give organic waste a new life. They are completely compostable, which mean they break down and get absorbed by the earth. Unlike traditional plastic bags, these ultra sustainable products are BPA FREE and derived from natural plant starch. They can be readily composted at home or with organic waste in municipal composting facilities. Each box includes (100) compostable bags to a single roll and are perfectly suitable for kitchen counter compost bins and similar sizes.
Product Certifications:
• European VINCOTTE
• OK Compost Home Standards
Special Message From Seller
Truth is, nearly 1% of all plastic bags are returned for recycling. Even more upsetting is the fact that regular plastic bin bags take thousands of years to degrade and are toxic to the environment.
The POWERTEC Green Compost Bags are unquestionably better for the earth. These bags were designed to break down into compost, eliminate landfill, and help the breakdown of toxic gasses. Not only are they much easier to recycle, but they can simultaneously help save money on refuse collection. “Together, we have the POWER to change the world.”
Environmental Storage Tips:
1. Use within one year of purchase.
2. Be sure not to buy more than you can use within a single year.
3. Avoid excessive heat and store all compostable bags in a cool, dry area.

POWERTEC is a professional manufacturer of high quality woodworking tools and accessories, machines, and an assortment of OEM replacement parts. We are committed to exceeding expectations, while bringing the latest innovations, technology, and product development to the industry.

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BAG SIZE: 16.9 Inches x 17.7 Inches with a capacity of 3 Gallons (11.35 Liter) – 100 green compost bags per rollCERTIFIED GREEN: Bags are BPI certified to meet the North American ASTM D6400 specifications and exceed the OK Compost Home Composting Standards – one of the world’s most respected home composting certifications based on the European Packaging of Waste (EN 13432)MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Polyethylene free, each compostable bag is plant derived, made from the starches of plants and ultimately meant to replace traditional harmful plastic bags providing earth friendly sustainable productsULTRA STRONG: Compostable bags are extra thick at 0.71 Mil, delivering an anti-tear, leak proof and durable composting material with proper usage – AVOID excessive heat by storing in a cool dry place and use within one year of purchase