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PONPACE Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads with Plant-Based Bristle 4 Pack, Compatible with Philips Sonicare(Flat Soft bristles)


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Our electric toothbrush heads use a new bio-based renewable bristle, the main component is castor oil. The use of plant-based castor oil bristles can reduce the dependence on fossil resources and reduce the use of fossil raw materials in the context of carbon neutralization.
Handles are made of 100% bamboo, no plastic inside.

Compatible with most Phillips Electric Toothbrush: all models starting with HX3, HX6 and HX9

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1 Count (Pack of 4)



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✔COMPATIBLE WITH PHILLIPS ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH: all models starting with HX3, HX6, HX8 and HX9.✔ONLY 6% PLASTIC CONTENT: ponpace biodegradable toothbrush replacement head is made of 100% bamboo body and plant-based bristles (composed of 62% castor oil and 38% nylon), with only 6% plastic content in the entire product.✔BE GENTLE ON ORAL CAVITY: ponpace bamboo replacement head is carefully polished with a food grade coating to make the entire brush head very smooth, combining soft end-rounded bristles, bring a better and safer experience to your oral cavity.✔FLAT BRISTLE: The force on a flat toothbrush head is relatively uniform, making it flexible and convenient to clean various surfaces of teeth.