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Phixnozar EMS Foot Massager Mat -Foot Massager Pad, Muscle Relaxation, Foldable Legs & Feet Massager Pad with 15 Modes,TENS (Mode:KTR-2493)


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Foot Massage Mat – The Right Investment in Your Wellness

The foot massager targets the pain and fatigue in the feet and legs. By massage function, this feet pad can target muscle weakness, soreness, and fatigue in the lower body. The foot massager pad features 8 modes and 19 intensity levels that allow you to customize your massage sessions with ease, focusing on massage, kneading, scraping, pressure, acupoint, cupping, activating, and shaping.

Some features to keep in mind about our foot massage pad:

1. USB rechargeable
2. LCD display panel
3. Targets fatigue, aches, and muscle tension
4. Easy to use
5. Fully adjustable design
6. Foldable and travel-friendly
7. Ideal for sedentary and overly active people

The complete set includes:
1. Main Device
2. Foot Mat
3. User Manual
4. USB Charging Cable

Improve your mobility with our excellent foot massager mat!

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Foot Care: This foot pad caters to various foot shapes with its designed open.Leg and Feet:The foot massage Mat for Foot and Leg.Incorporate just 15 minutes of use before bedtime to enhance your sleep quality.8 Modes & 19 Levels for Total Body Relaxation: This foot massager offers 8 modes to your needs.Enjoy a Smart and Quiet Foot Massager with USB Charging.Easy to Clean and Portable:We use premium mat material and a foldable design, this mat can be rolled up and carried wherever you go. The intuitive LCD controller panel can be operated with your hands.