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Pet Probiotics for Dogs Supplement – Supports Digestive Enzymes for Nutrient Absorption – 15 Billion Active Probiotic Cultures Attack Inflammation to Prevent Infection


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60 Count x 1 bottle


VetSmart Formulas

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15 BILLION ACTIVE CULTURES! One of the best probiotics on the market. Compare to all the others and see for yourself!PROVIDES GOOD BACTERIA – Designed for specifically for dogs and provides the good bacteria needed for a healthy gut.JOINT PAIN GONE! When used along with the VetSmart Hip + Joint supplement it maximizes the nutrient absorption into the cells so your dog gets the BEST results for hip and joint pain.DIGESTION AID – Re-stabilizes an unhealthy gut by replacing fundamental acids needed for digestion. Attacks inflammation from commercial dog foods, medications and other sources. Restores nutritional balance blocked by food additives.GUARANTEED RESULTS – Our proprietary formula is designed by Vets and for Vet offices and is the best dog probiotic on the market today. There are NO artificial flavors, colors, or fillers. This product is wheat-free and safe for dogs with allergies. VetSmart Formula products are 100% MADE IN THE USA to the highest quality standards.