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Nicotine Patches, 48 Count Stop Smoking Aid Patches That Work with 2 Weeks – Anti Smoking Patches


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Nicotine Patches – Commence your smoke-free journey today!
The stop smoking patches offer a gentle approach, taking control of your cravings and helping you quit for good.

1. Effectively Suppresses the Desire to smoke and gradually reduces the urge to smoke, greatly increasing the likelihood of quitting.
2. All Day Smoking Cessation Support, the anti smoking patch is designed to give you 24 hours of support continuous suppression of smoke
3. Super Comfort, made of thin, flexible material , the stop smoking aid patches are designed to adhere to the skin without causing irritation or discomfort

Directions to Stop Smoking
1.Take out a patch, remove the protective film,andstick it on a clean, dry area.(preferably wrist, upperarm, chest, thigh)
2.Apply it in the morning and remove it an hourbefore going to bed.Avoid applying the patch in thesame area consecutively, when replacing it with anew patch avoid over skin rash or irritated skin.
3.Usage Reference: 2 Patches per day for the firstweek.(Simultaneous Use),1.5 Patches per day for thesecond and third week, 1 patch per day for the fourthweek,and half a patch for the fifth week.
4.Appropriate increase or decrease according to theamount of smoke and body weight.

PACKING: 48 Count Nicotine Patches

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