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Mighty Thirsty Mop – Household Essentials Made of Revolutionary Polymer Compound, Easy-to-Clean, Easy-to-Store & Super Absorbent Self Wringing Mop with Reusable Washable Pads with Mop Head Replacement


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The head of the Mighty Thirsty Mop is comprised of a cutting-edge polymer composed of millions of super-absorbing pockets that are specifically engineered to grab and trap dirt like a magnet to facilitate cleaning. Our self-wringing mop has a five-roller wringer that thoroughly cleans the mop and rinses every last drop. The wringing procedure ensures that there are no remaining streaks and that your floor has been properly cleaned throughout. A simple wringer that also serves as a stand makes the Mighty Thirsty Mop, as seen on television, easy to store in tight spaces like cabinets or even just behind a door.

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HOLD & TRAP DIRT: Mighty Thirsty Mop’s head is made of a revolutionary polymer compound made up of millions of super absorbing pockets that are specially designed to hold and trap dirt like a magnet to make cleaning easier.WRINGING MOP: Our self wringing mop features a five roller wringer that rinses every drop and completely cleans the mop. The wringing process sees to it that there are no streaks left, so every part of your floor is thoroughly cleaned.EASY TO STORE SQUEEZE MOP: As seen on TV, this Mighty Thirsty Mop has a convenient wringer that doubles as a stand, making it easy to store in small spaces such as cabinets or even behind the door.GREAT GIFTS: Give these essential cleaning supplies for housekeeping as gifts to those you care about. Having these around the house makes cleaning so much easier. These can be used to sweep up pet hair, clean carpets, and absorb ketchup and other condiments that make a mess in the kitchen. Clean smart with our Mighty Thirsty Mop.