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Langsprit Castor Oil Pack Castor Oil Pack Wrap, Organic Castor Oil Packs for Liver Detox, Inflammation, Reusable Castor Oil Pack Compress Castor Oil Packs kit S


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Castor oil therapy has been used for centuries to promote healing of the body. The traditional method is messy, forces you to lie in one spot and one position for a long time, and requires you to carefully wash and store your little strips of flannel. This castor oil body wrap is so comfortable, so secure, so mess-free, that you can walk around and do your chores with the castor oil packets on! The straps are very long and stretchy so they will be suitable for almost any sized body. The pretty and soft castor oil wrap around pack is designed to hold a castor oil pack or an ice/hot pack in place so that you can get up move around easily during treatments. Try the castor oil pack set yourself to enjoy better bowel movements, deeper sleep, and less stress.

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Premium Material-This castor oil pack (Castor Oil not Included)(Patent Pending) with two different size: Small size:waist size less 29“and Large size:waist size over 29“ . This castor oil packs is made of 2 layers premium dense cotton which is super soft and hypoallergenic for the most sensitive skin types. The outer leak-free material helps save your clothing from unwanted oil stains. No chemical ! Creating a great way of healing our bodies without the use of chemicals and toxins.The Benefits of Castor Oil Pack-The aim is to ease irritable bowels and constipation,have been shown to be extremely beneficial with liver detox,constipation issues,kidney detox,joint and muscle pain, thus bettering our lives.By using castor oil pack compress wrap and incorporating it into your daily routine,you’ll be able reap the countless benefits this miracle oil has to offer,including regulating the function of the digestive tract,reducing inflammation & relaxing your body for better sleep.Easily Adjust the Fit&Multi-functional-Castor oil pack wrap comes with one pairs of elastic belts which is adjustable to fit various sizes. Small: waist size less 29“and Large: waist size over 29“. It’s easily removed and replaced in the pack,and the compression level is easily loosened or tightened as needed. The castor oil packs for liver detox is not messy, is easy to use,and has a flexible fit. The castor oil pack kits is ideal for liver detox, constipation issues, joint and muscle pain.Mess-free, Heatless and Reusable Castor Oil Pack Compress Wrap-The Castor Oil Pack kits fabric repels oil and thus saves your clothing and bedding from messy oils and liquids. You don’t have to worry about castor oil making a mess. You can wash the castor oil packs belly wrap and use it over and over.Castor Oil Pack Mess free and Heat free. Castor Oil Packs for liver detox Premium quality and can be worn overnight while sleeping!