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Hearing Aids Ear Amplifier Rechargeable, Seniors Adults Digital Noise Cancelling Sound Aid Amplifiers Mini Invisible No Squealing Device with Portable Charging Case


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Hearing Aids with Volume Control Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aids for Seniors & Adults with Charging Box Indicating Remaining Power Percentage, Invisible Personal Sound Hearing Amplifier with Intelligent Noise Reduction Hearing Assist

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【Superior Hearing Experience】: You can hear what was missing before, and an advanced noise cancellation system helps reduce background noise even further. Really achieve almost zero whistle and feedback, and always maintain high quality sound quality. The hearing amplifiers are expertly designed to automatically deliver natural, lifelike sound in every listening situation, so you can hear birds chirping and leaves crackling beneath your feet.【Easy To Operate】: Our hearing aids are easy to use , no complicated modes and buttons are required. Automatically turn on/off when getting in and out of the charging box, and manually turn on/off with a simple finger touch for 7 seconds. Use your fingers to adjust the volume without tools. Easy to operate, with a detailed instruction manual, so it makes some sounds louder, so that people with hearing loss can listen, communicate and participate in daily activities more fully.【Rechargeable】: The rechargeable hearing amplifier comes with a portable and convenient charging case, making your life easier and more convenient for use anytime, anywhere. The digital hearing aid can be used for 20 hours on a single charge. With the charging case, you’ll get another 60 hours of listening time, for a total of 80 hours. Fast charging supports charging for 10 minutes and can be used for up to 2 hours. The elderly hearing aid will be fully charged within 1-2 hours.【Humanized Design】: Semi-in-ear design enhances the fit and can be worn firmly on the ear. Its design is ergonomic. The weight of a single hearing aid is only 3.45 grams, light and compact, easy to wear, stylish in appearance, safe to wear, no need to hide, and there will be no awkward eyes when using it. Long-term wearing ear holes will not hurt, not easy to fall off. Sweat and moisture resistant. The earphones do not distinguish between left and right and are easy to operate.