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FundAminos Blend – 100% Organic & Vegan EAA & BCAA Powder for 400% Greater Lean Muscle, Faster Recovery & Strength Vs. Protein Powder – Clinically Tested Post Workout – Real Superfruits – 60 Servings


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Whether you’re trying to bulk up, slim down, or improve your overall fitness level, you should never forget the importance of amino acids in achieving your fitness goals. Amino acids help your body recover after a workout; they rebuild your cells, promote muscle growth and development, and restore your energy afterward so you can keep training without tiring or becoming excessively sore. Although the human body naturally produces amino acids, it only makes 11 out of the 20 it requires for intense exercise. This FUNDAMINOS formula is 4 times more effective than whey powder, plant-based protein, and other muscle-building supplements. It contains 8 essential amino acids with just 5 calories per scoop, giving you results you can see and feel! Include a scoop of FUNDAMINOS before, after, or during each workout and have a better gym experience every time. If you’re living a vegan lifestyle, this supplement is vegan-friendly and all-natural. No artificial ingredients or flavors found here! And while other companies offer up fitness supplements in the form of horse pills, you’ll enjoy yours in the form of a delicious mixed berry liquid mix that will be enjoyable to drink day in and day out without the bizarre fitness drink aftertaste or gritty texture. FUNDAMINOS can be used daily for energy and strength and before and after a competition for rapid recovery. Try adding beet juice and our PureClean Powder to increase endurance and performance. Each bag of this drink mix yields 60 servings, so you’ll be set for a month or so if you use it every day. Achieving your fitness goals has never been easier (or tastier) with help from FUNDAMINOS.

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Premium Vegan BCAA + Essential Amino Acids Powder: Boost your body with essential protein synthesis for muscle mass, longevity, energy, recovery, strength, endurance, and health with our organic 100% natural and premium amino energy powder, performance, and healthy ageing supplement. Clinically-proven, trusted eaas amino acids powder with thousands of users over 16 years for muscle recovery, energy, and strength.Rapid Recovery, Maintain Muscle, & Live Long: Dr. Richard Cohen, M.D.’s clinically-researched FUNDAMINOS perfect amino acids supplement is a very special formula based on decades of MAP research to help you fight aging and boost muscle mass, energy, health, recovery, and cognition. A healthy preworkout and post workout supplements along side of beet root powder, creatine, hmb, coffee, collagen, mixed greens, or whey protein powder.All-Natural Fruit Flavor + CherryPURE & ActiGINseng Extracts: FUNDAMINOS organic aminos provides all 8 vegan BCAA & EAA amino acids plus a delicious 9 super fruit powder mix including tart cherry & ginseng extracts for quicker nutrient absorption and faster recovery. Enjoy these essential amino acid building blocks of protein while fighting hunger; starts working within 15 mins providing muscles and tissues with healthy protein powder nourishment. Only 4 calories, no digestion needed!Optimum Nutrition from Organic Plant Protein. FUNDAMINOS is made with organic plant protein and exceeds cGMP and meeting FDA guidelines. With 30 total 6.5 gram servings, get high value and quality amino energy powder support with natural bcaas and eaa vegan protein powder. A longevity and energy supplement without fillers or unnecessary ingredients; and unlike other aminos, it is not made from duck feathers or human hair. Use with electrolytes for better pre workout boost FUNDAMINOS is trusted pure and clean!