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Fox Trot Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser bundled with Barkeepers Friend Premixed Formula Spray & Tiger Pack Cleaning Kit (13oz Soft Cleanser + 25oz Spray) – Effective Hard Water Stain Remover


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19 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)


Fox Trot

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Your Trusty Barkeepers Friend Cleansers – Get all the house cleaning products you need to keep your home spotless from the kitchen to the bathroom. Fox Trot’s multi-surface cleaner set includes a 25oz Bar Keepers Friend rust stain remover, 13oz all purpose cleaner, and a dual-action sponge & microfiber cloth.Cleans Where Others Fail – Unlike regular cleaning liquid products, our 25oz bar keepers friend rust remover formula eliminates mineral deposits, oily residues, rust stains, and grime on most hard surfaces. Use it with our cleaning pad sponge for quick, easy cleaningOffers No-Mess Cleaning – The 13oz premixed bar keepers friend stainless steel cleaner tackles stubborn stains and grime on your cookware to make them look good as new. You can also use the scented cleaning solution to clean your kitchen sink and appliances.Formulated For Your Convenience – Versatile and ready to use, our multi-surface cleaners ensure hassle-free home cleaning. Use them as toilet rust remover, mopping solution, shower cleaner, bathroom cleaning spray, and more.