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FINAFLEX STIMUL8 Original Super Pre-Workout, Dreamsicle – Energy, Strength & Endurance for Men & Women – with Caffeine, Beta-Alanine & Vitamin C – 35 Servings


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FINAFLEX STIMUL8 is the Original Super Pre-Workout designed for men and women that stimulates workouts like never before! The legendary STIMUL8 formula promotes energy, strength, and endurance, taking workouts to the next level! Built with IrisinXD, a blend of ingredients unique to only FINAFLEX products is what makes the STIMUL8 formula so effective! Strive to be Great, Drink STIMUL8!

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35 Servings (Pack of 1)





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SUPER PRE-WORKOUT – STIMUL8 is the Original Pre-Workout designed to provide you with the energy, strength & endurance needed to take your workout to the next level! Built for both men & women, our formula has remained virtually unchanged for 5 years.STRIVE TO BE GREAT – It’s important to find a pre-workout that helps you achieve your fitness goals. Benefits of STIMUL8 include: increased endurance, extra energy, heightened focus & concentration, and even reduced muscle soreness after workouts.ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – With 300mg caffeine, 1000mg vitamin C & IrisinXD (found only in FINAFLEX products), you’ll have what it takes to conquer any obstacle. Don’t spend hours at the gym—just one scoop of STIMUL8 helps you make the most of each second.WHY DO I NEED A PRE-WORKOUT? – Pre-workout supplements can help you perform better during your workouts, make your workout feel easier, and help you finish your workout strong, without feeling drained.