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FEHHTO 400PCS Disposable Paper Plates Set, Compostable Eco-friendly Dinnerware Set, Biodegradable Heavy-Duty Paper Plates, Utensils, Cups and Straws for Party Camping 50 People


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What’s in the box?
50 pcs* 9 inch dinner plates
50 pcs* 7 inch dessert plates
50 pcs* 6.7 inch spoons
50 pcs* 6.7 inch forks
50 pcs* 7.2 inch knives
50 pcs* 13 inch napkins
50 pcs* 7.8 inch straws
50 pcs* 16oz cups

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9 inch / 7 inch


Party Set 400PCS





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Party Set 400PCS

♻️【400 Pack Dinnerware set】This paper plate set includes 50 – 9″ dinner plates, 50 – 7″ dessert plates, 50 – 6.7″ forks, 50 – 7.2″ knives, 50 – 6.7″ spoons,50 -16oz Cups,50 – 7.8” straws and 50 – 13″ napkins. Our sturdy utensils are ideal to serve 50 guests.♻️【Natural Material & Eco Product 】The plates are made from bagasse and the cutlery is made from corn starch, both of which are biodegradable, plant-based and eco-friendly materials. A great alternative to plastic or wood plates set.♻️【Safe & Biodegradable】These disposable dinnerware sets are BPA-free, wax-free, non-toxic and meet food surface contact safety standards. Guaranteed to provide you with harmless products.♻️【Microwave & Freezer Safe】Our disposable plates can withstand high temperatures (248℉) without deformation. Oil-resistant, leak-proof. Holds large amounts of food without breaking or deforming.