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DONGDI Blue Light Blocking Photochromic Reading Glasses,Spring Hinge UV400 Sunglasses for Women Men +2.00


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Ourcompany was founded in 1999, is a set of product development, manufacturing,sales and services in one of the glasses enter prise, with more than 20 yearsof experience in the design and production of glasses products professionalcompany, so in the field of glasses has a very high visibility, and for manyglasses companies around the world to supply.Now we have joined Amazon with ourbrand DONGDI, hoping to bring consumers more affordable products with higherquality.

DONGDIsupplies both ladies and mens with various styles of blue light filter readingeyewear,and offer people more healthy,comfortable and fashion reading eyeglasses products.

DONGDIanti-fatigue reader glasses and anti-radiation glasses have our own anti-bluelight lens production workshop.Our anti-blue light lenses have almost no colordifference,which brings you better visual experience and makes your visionclearer.Lens impact resistance,not easy to crack,not easy dirty,but easy toclean.

DONGDIanti-blue light blocking glasses can protect your eyes macular degeneration andearly vision loss,it is not just a pair of blue light blocker eyewear,it isyour eye protector,suitable for office workers or anyone who need to be staringat a screen all day,let you no longer because of long time work at the computereye pain,eye tears,let you focus on work and study.

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ANTI BLUE LIGHT READING GLASSES:Blue light blocker,100% UV400 protection,effectively resist 100% harmful blue rays.Anti glare;Reduce eye fatigue,minimize headache when you use digital products(TV/Phone/Ipad/LED Light/Computer/…),DONGDI blue light glasses provide all-day protection,you can enjoy better sleep and digital time.NEWEST EXPLOSION PROOF POLYCARBONATE LENS:Anti Reflective transparent lens,no color difference,restore the true color,give you a clear vision and bring the best reading experience.Water proof let you can more convenient use in life.Our lenses won’t broken easily like others,spend same price that you can use longer.ADJUSTABLE SPRING HINGE DESIGN:Fashion eyewear with spring hinges,the temples can open up to 25°outwards,durable and not easily damaged.No matter you are large,small or medium face,the adjustable spring hinges design can find the perfect fit for different face shapes to reduce press on temples and offer comfortable feeling.LIGHTWEIGHT AND STYLISH READERS:Dongdi glasses use ergonomic design,one-piece nose pads,suitable for all kinds of nose type.You can barely feel its presence on your nose.No indentation in your nose,wearing for a long time will not feel oppressive or uncomfortable.