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Castor Oil Pack Wrap 4 Pack Castor Oil Pack Wrap Organic Cotton Reusable Castor Oil Packs for Liver Detox for Chest Pads to Reduce Inflammation in The Body Castor Oil Pack for Neck(Grey)


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‍♀️【4-in-1 pack 】: Castor oil pack contains castor oil waist package neck package a pair of chest package 4-piece set, castor oil pack wrap organic cotton fit each part of the use, waist can be applied 19-45 in can meet your different needs, provide a full range of care.‍♀️【Multiple functions】:Multiple functions:Organic cotton flannel for castor oil pack made of high-quality organic facecloth cotton, waterproof and leak-proof, absorb 5 ml of castor oil each time, avoid the edges when pouring, soft cotton system is friendly to the skin when using, so you are more comfortable and comfortable. castor oil pack wrap reuse to be absorbed partly after adding a cold or hot compress for better results.‍♀️【Self-adjustable】:Castor oil compress wrap reusable need to be washed several times before use can be reused support adjustable elastic band to adjust the angle, can be adjusted according to personal needs, castor oil pack can also be machine washable, eliminating the tedious process of hand washing.‍♀️【Convenient to use】:Castor oil packs for liver detox can absorb oily substances, with invisible zipper pocket design beautiful, the power of the queen of thrones castor oil pack kit can be equipped with hot / cold compresses to use for your life to bring more convenience and safe to use. (Product does not contain oil)