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Carex Soft Grip Walking Cane – Height Adjustable Cane With Wrist Strap – Latex Free Soft Cushion Handle, Metallic Blue


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Boost Your Independence Without Worry Today! Here’s how…
Are you tired of having to depend on someone to assist you with regular
movements like walking and standing?
Have you tried assistive devices but they just didn’t work out? Or, have you tried walking sticks and they didn’t work out?
Have you been looking for “that” one device that’s strong, solid and long-lasting to support you?
Well, we have the answer to all of your questions and desires.
Introducing the Carex Derby Canes for Men and Women.
Unlike most walking canes, this cane’s solid structure and finish were designed to be functional and elegant.
With its sleek craftsmanship complimented by its majestic derby style handle, this walking cane is the ideal companion for nearly any occasion.
Get one of our walking canes and you will:
✔ Always be confident when moving around or standing. Why? Because it was specifically engineered for those seeking a strong, sturdy walking aid.
✔ Never have to worry about gripping issues. Its traditional derby cane style handle coupled with non-bending and non-flaking mechanisms built into its design will give you the confidence to grip it securely without fail(its comfortable too).
✔ Be able to navigate across all surfaces. You can literally walk around with your eyes closed without worrying about slipping because this designer walking cane boasts a non-slip rubber tip like no other.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be independent as soon as you can. Get this cane while it’s still in stock!
Just click “Add to Cart” and you’ll be well on your way to independence.

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1 Count (Pack of 1)


FGA52100 0000



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023601995216, 885341368145



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FGA52100 0000

COMFORTABLE WALKING: A derby style walking cane in metallic blue. The walking cane features a soft grip latex-free handle to decrease shock and hand fatigue. Easily adjustable height with the push of a button and includes a convenient wrist strap.SOFT GRIP HANDLE: The derby grip handle features innovative technology that decreases shock and reduces fatigue in the hand and upper body. The ergonomic cane handle is adaptable for right- & left-handed usersADJUSTS EASILY: The Carex walking cane features an easily adjustable, latex-free handle that adjusts with a simple push of a buttonANTI-SLIP WALKING CANE: Ergonomically designed, the walking cane has an anti-slip tip to provide extra traction and stability. This cane is a walking cane for men or walking cane for women