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Bundle of Mr. Clean Freak Refill 30.9 oz and 2 Sprays 16 oz each All Purpose Cleaner Deep Cleaning Multisurface for Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner, Lemon Scent, and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Scrubby


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Experience the epitome of clean with our versatile cleaning set that combines the power of the Clean Freak Refill 30.9 oz, 2 Sprays 16 oz each in Lemon Scent, plus Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and Scrub. Our multi-surface spray is designed to effectively tackle dirt and grime on various surfaces, providing you with a thorough and efficient cleaning experience. Paired with our microfiber cloths, you can achieve a streak-free finish, ensuring a pristine look on all cleaned surfaces. Unleash your inner Clean Freak with our all-purpose cleaner that doubles as a kitchen appliance stainless steel cleaner and bathroom toilet bowl cleaner. Ideal for countertops and kitchen surfaces, this versatile cleaner simplifies your cleaning routine. All Purpose Cleaner – Make your cleaning tasks easier with our innovative all-purpose cleaner mist that activates on contact, cutting through dirt right away. Enjoy efficient and effective cleaning across a variety of surfaces.

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MULTI-SURFACE CLEANER: Revolutionize your cleaning routine with the Clean Freak Multi-Surface Spray. Tackling dirt and grime effortlessly, it pairs perfectly with microfiber cloths for a streak-free finish on various surfaces.LEMON ZEST FRAGRANCE: Infuse your home with a refreshing Lemon Zest scent while you clean. Enjoy the delightful aroma that lingers, creating a pleasant atmosphere throughout your living spaces.ALL PURPOSE CLEANER: Unleash your inner Clean Freak with this multi surface cleaner. It’s not just a kitchen appliance and stainless steel cleaner but also a bathroom toilet bowl cleaner and countertop savior, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution for your entire home.ECO-FRIENDLY REFILLABLE BOTTLE: Reduce waste with the reusable bottle that can be refilled twice using the included large Clean Freak refill bottle. A sustainable choice for environmentally conscious cleaning.