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Bobica Organic Aronia Berry Powder, Chokeberry Powder, Antioxidant Superfood, High in Flavonoids, Polyphenols and Potassium, for Immunity, Vegan, Gluten-Free, 1lb


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PREMIUM Aronia Berry Powder
Just as high as Luciano Pavarotti could hit the notes in ‘O sole mio’, that describes how the sun is important for a high proportion of antioxidants (anthocyanin, polyphenols) for which aronia is so highly regarded. Croatia is also known for a large number of sunny hours, and a specific micro-location in the Slavonia region enables the Bobica PREMIUM Aronia berry powder to get the most out of it.
Aronia is called the healthiest plant in the world and is one of the most famous antioxidants of today. There are over 300 biologically active compounds found in aronia and it is rich in vitamins and minerals.
Product name: Aronia powder 3.53oz/100g 100% aronia berries; shredded aronia berry skin and seeds No preservatives. All Natural. No GMO. Mix one to two teaspoons of aronia powder into your favourite yogurt, müsli, oatmeal, honey, cereal, ice cream… It is not completely soluble in water because there are no anti-clumping additives so there will be some clumps in water.

Known Effects: Raises the entire immune system of the body Has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system Helps relieve migraines and headaches Is beneficial to the intestinal mucosa Provides better bile and liver function Reduces inflammation Regulates the function of the pancreas and blood sugar levels

Interesting facts: 100 grams of dried aronia berry contains up to 1.200 mg of vitamin P Following the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, aronia berries have mitigated the side effects caused by radiation Anthocyanin gives aronia berries a characteristic dark purple color

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ORGANIC dried organic powder extract from aronia berries skin and seeds. The powder is obtained by grinding the bark and seeds of aronia. It contains a high proportion of antioxidants (anthocyanin, polyphenols) that make aronia so highly prized.VEGAN and VEGETARIAN suitable, 100% Certified Organic , Non-GMO. Gluten-Free. Raw. It is not completely soluble in water because there are no anti-clumping additives.HIGH QUALITY ANTIOXIDANT super strength aronia / chokeberry supplement is a natural immune system booster and provides digestive support.DETOX Aronia fruit is a healthy detox cleanse for better energy and wellness.