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Baffect Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner, Window Cleaning Tools Glasses Cleaner Car Window Cleaning Brush for Windows Thickness 3-8mm


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Style Name:3-8mm



This window cleaning brush is suitablefor 3-8cm thickness window.

We also have different kinds ofthickness window cleaning brush.8-15mm,15-26mm,18-30mm

Please have a look our store “Enlife-USA”.

 How to use it?

1.Keep the safety rope in hand to prevent the glass rub falling from high altitude.

2.Turn the glass rub open.

3.Soaked in water to allow the sponge to absorb misture.

4.Add a little cleaner to the fiber cloth.

5.Align the glass rub,natural adsorption

6.Start to wipe glass.

 What’s included?

1 * windowcleaner

1 * Buckle

2 * Triangle Spong

2 * Adhesive Tape

 Tips: Because of the different production batch,theappearance design of product will be different.Please kindly knowthat.

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Double Sided Efficiency Cleaning: With the magnetic double sided window cleaner, you can effortlessly clean both sides of your windows from indoors. No need to lug around ladders for outdoor cleaning. By following the proper cleaning ways, you can avoid streaks on the windows, making the task easier and safer.Safety First with a 2.5m Adjustable Safety Rope: This double sided magnetic cleaning equipment comes with a sturdy 2.5m safety rope. Securely attach the safety rope to your wrist while cleaning the outer glass for added safety and peace of mind.Considerate designs: This double sided magnetic window cleaner features a triangular styling, allowing it to reach into 4 corners of the window glass for thorough cleaning. With detachable accessories, worn-out parts of this magnetic window cleaner can be easily swapped out. Simply rotate the plastic fastener 90° to replace the sponge or rubber squeegee strip whenever needed.Pre-Purchase Tips: Before purchasing, please calculate the thickness of your window glass. Measure the total length of your window frame, then measure both the inner and outer lengths. Use the formula: Window Glass Thickness = Total Frame Length – Inner Frame Thickness – Outer Frame Thickness. Then, choose the right size of the magnetic window cleaner accordingly.