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AromaTech Santal Aroma Essential Oil Blend, Pure Aromatherapy with Patchouli and Cedarwood for Diffuser & Humidifier – 16 fl oz, 500 ml


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(Santal) Aroma / Fragrance Oil For AromaTech Air Freshener Scent Diffuser

Bold and intoxicating, this aristocratic and sensual scent embodies the mystical essence of an open fire in the deep wood.

Key Notes
Cardamom, Papyrus, Musk

Musky, Leathery, Smokey, Sensual Reminiscent of Santal 26, a beautiful fragrance from Le Labo Fragrances collection.

Our Promise
Santal aroma oil is a 100% Pure Diffuser Blend created with the highest quality of raw and natural ingredients. We combine our aroma oils with pure essential oils that are certified Non-GMO, Vegan, and contain no parabens, DPG, glycols, petrochemicals, phthalate, artificial additives, synthetic colors, or harmful chemicals. All of our diffuser oil blends and essential oils are created to be 100% safe for your home, family, and pets. Santal aroma oil is designed to be conveniently used in any cold-air or ultrasonic oil diffuser to create your ideal ambience.

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16 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)





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SANTAL: Our most iconic fragrance. This blend of sandalwood and papyrus infuses spaces with warmth and understated sophistication. It’s familiar yet refined—equally at home in a cozy living room or a softly lit bedroom.ENRICH THE EVERYDAY: With its woody, amber-infused accords, Santal is inviting and versatile, resisting easy categorization as either a day or night scent. The comforting intensity of sandalwood is blended with leathery papyrus and cardamom, which delivers a spicy, resinous dimension.KEY NOTES: Sandalwood, Papyrus, MuskMOOD: Sensual, Warm, Intriguing