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Angels Lab Colloidal Silver Immune Support 10 PPM Nano Liquid (128 fl oz)


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With our heated agitating technology, we create billions of billions of ionic and nano silver particles for each bottle, these being less than 1nm to 2nm in size which can be easily absorbed in the body. Your body and health deserves the best.

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1 Gallon (Pack of 1)


Angels Lab



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Angels Silver

Optimal Absorption: Angels Colloidal Silver boasts a 10ppm concentration, ideal for maximum body absorption compared to brands with higher ppm. Experience the difference in effectiveness with particles specifically tailored for efficient uptake.Trusted Clarity: Our clear colloidal silver indicates small particles, ensuring purity and potency. With a blend of nano and ionic particles, our formula guarantees superior usability and efficacy, setting us apart from competitors.Sustainability and Convenience: Perfect for refilling old bottles, our colloidal silver not only offers health benefits but also promotes environmental consciousness. Make the most of your previous purchases while enjoying the reliability and effectiveness of Angels Colloidal Silver.Versatile Application: Angels Colloidal Silver is versatile for various uses, making it a valuable addition to your wellness routine. Whether for daily maintenance or specific needs, our product provides reliable support, ensuring you always have a trusted option on hand.